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Implementing graphic design principles in Python’s matplotlib


Tired of ugly 2d histograms and bar charts in matplotlib? Read about good chart design but not really sure how to implement it? Check out my talk/tutorial on implementing graphic design principles in Python’s matplotlib! I gave this talk on April 10th 2013 to UCSD’s Scientific …

How to set Helvetica as the default sans-serif font in Matplotlib

If you’re a typography junkie like me, you’re probably sick of seeing Bitstream Vera Sans as the typesetting font for Python‘s plotting library, Matplotlib.

Just look at it:

So ugly, I know.

While Helvetica is a controversial font, it is simple, clean, and undisputedly easy to read …

How to use Google’s internet caching to your advantage

You’ve run into this problem: you search for something on the supposedly all-powerful Google search, click the link, but it’s dead. Nothing’s there. Not even a speck of information.

But Google said there was!

I ran into this exact problem for an assignment this week. We were …

1, 2, 3 … logistic regression!

R Tutorial in Logistic Regression

Recently I read a paper that used logistic regression in its methods and realized I had no idea what logistic regression is, so I made this tutorial for myself and others to learn about it. I wanted to create a tutorial that created random data …