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No longer actively developing prettyplotlib

It is with heavy heart that I announce that I am no longer actively developing prettyplotlib. I just don’t have the bandwidth available to do the project justice. It was a fantastic experience to …

Prettyplotlib update!

Check it out!

Major changes:

  • Don’t have to supply ax object to everything
  • All functions return an ax object (let me know if this is not true!)
  • Added fill_between and fill_betweenx
  • pcolormesh accepts center_value keyword argument (‘kwarg’) to re-center diverging colormaps
  • Don’t change rcParams upon import, do everything …

prettyplotlib: Painlessly create beautiful matplotlib plots

A while back I wrote a few tutorials about how to work with Python’s plotting library, matplotlib, so that it behaves nicely and produces beautiful plots. Well, I got tired of tweaking every single figure individually so I wrote this library, prettyplotlib to have pretty default plots in Python …