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How a Developer Learned Not to Be Racist and Sexist



I’m a developer. A few years ago, I moved to a new city and met some new friends who talked about racism and sexism more than I had ever thought about before. At first I was uncomfortable and didn’t like a lot what they were saying …

In India, ‘no frills’ hospitals offer $800 heart surgery



It’s so great to see people making an effort to make healthcare affordable. I can’t …

Implementing graphic design principles in Python’s matplotlib


Tired of ugly 2d histograms and bar charts in matplotlib? Read about good chart design but not really sure how to implement it? Check out my talk/tutorial on implementing graphic design principles in Python’s matplotlib! I gave this talk on April 10th 2013 to UCSD’s Scientific …

Startups, life, learning and happiness: The Anti-Todo List


Really like this concept of logging your finished items for the day rather than setting unreasonable goals to accomplish.



For some time, I’ve gradually realised that my day is not only occupied by tasks from my todo list. Often, there are lots of other tasks which deserve …